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Simon's SMILE of the Day

A smile to brighten your day. All updated information is posted in our Blog. Check out Categories for specific information.



In addition to our Blog Resources there are many other problem solving  community resources in West Central Florida.


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Big Dogs in our Community


Explore the many ways you can support local rescue, save lives and grow your business.
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"Helping homeless animals is something I've been doing all of my life. The bonus is meeting so many amazing, devoted, people who are literally changing the world.
Amy Smith . Central Bark & SmithJoy Realty

What Can You Do

Over-flowing animal shelters are a solvable problem. Join our social network of compassionate animal lovers and help end this tragedy in our community.

New Avenues for Rescue

Connecting Rescue groups and volunteers to Events, Resources and Tech Tools... Sourcing untraditional paths to match homeless pets to the people who need them most like those affected by PTSD and Autism .

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