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Find Everything you need without Lifting a Paw

This page will help you navigate to the info you're looking for quickly and easily. The side links in the purple bar will link you to the page you're looking for or take you directly to that resource on this page. If you would like to share a resource or a recipe please Get in Touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Clinic & Spay-Neuter

Our Rescue Group page contains dozens of Rescue Groups with links to their sites. It also answers some frequent questions and concerns about approaching a rescue and the types of pets you can expect to find. 

Looking for a specific breed, size, gender or area? You will find links to several searchable databases. Happy Adopting! ...and yes, we do think you're special.                  

Given the number of pets euthanized for space every day, Rescue Groups and Shelters will not adopt out unaltered animals. Low-cost Clinics help with the tremendous volume of "fixes" and shots needed each month. This page provides health information and Clinic's as well as some great full service Vets.

Looking to Adopt
Feral cats
Get Help

Get Help has a variety of useful tips and links for dealing with many things dog and cat.

>Have you Lost or Found a pet

>Disaster Preparation
>Overheating Issues
>Microchipping Your Pet
>The Truth about Pit Bulls
>Facts on Pet Overpopulation
>Choosing a Dog Trainer
>Finding a good boarding facility or petsitter

Free Roaming Neighborhood Cats, also known as Feral cats, even though that's not always the case cause a lot of controversy in every county. The absolute priority is getting these cats spayed or neutered so they won't continue to multiply. If you need help with a stray cat, a litter of kittens,

or want to help start here.


Daily Smile:  Exactly what it says. Rescue stories, funny videos, the best memes. If you're having a bad day, stop by and get your smile on.

Events:  Who's doing what, when and where. We post links to the best sources of finding local pet friendly events... because we all like to hang out with our dogs.

Help Rescue:  Ideas and projects to help the rescue community.

goodDeeds:  Recognizes the outstanding support of our business sponsors along with any special offers or coupons they provide for animal lovers. Volunteer projects are also shared here.

Health & Wellness:  There is a vast amount of conflicting information available on the internet so we hone it down and provide some facts and links to keep your 4-legged friend in tip top shape.

The New Barker:  Our favorite magazine and a huge supporter of the rescue community. TNB reports inspiring people and projects that change lives every day.

Reviews and Recalls:  Food, Treats, Chew Toys - you name it.
Recipes:  Homemade food and treats for dogs and cats.

The Pet Loss Journey:  Dealing with the Rainbow Bridge.
For Rescue Groups:  Tips and resources for non-profits.


Whether your business is pet related or you just want to connect with the pet loving public, business leaders recognize the power of standing up for a great cause.

I want to help

If you have even 60 seconds a day, you can help rescue. Find out the many ways you can help save lives doing what you already do every day.

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