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10 Tips for Helping Your Grieving Pet

Toby, my Border Collie/Weimeraner/Jindo/Other Various Breeds mix, died on Thursday. He was almost 14. He had a good long life, and it was his time to go. Lucy, 11 years old, is now The Dog of the House. Lucy knew Toby since she was 6 months old. She was a rescue, as was Toby. It seemed like Lucy equated living the "good life" with Toby. Before Toby, she was living on the streets. After she met Toby, she was fed and walked every day. She followed him around like a shadow. She modeled her behavior (or lessons on "how to be a dog") from him. So when Toby died, I naturally was concerned about Lucy.

Here are some tips that are helping us with her reaction to Toby's death: Read Full Article

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