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Buster Bars for Dogs

What I love most about these is how easy they are to make compared to cookie cutter treats. I discussed cookie appearance with my dogs long ago and they informed me they don’t care if it looks like a dog bone or has yogurt frosting - so we’re good.


2 eggs 1/2c unsweetened apple sauce 3/8c canola oil 1/4c honey 1/4c molasses 1 1/4c milk 1c peanut butter 6c oatmeal 2c flour

Mix the eggs and liquid ingredients then add the peanut butter and mix in thoroughly [it can be a little chunky]. Add the flour and oatmeal and mix with a strong spoon or your hands [ remove your rings first :0/ ]. The dough will be pretty dense and gooey.

This is enough to cover a greased 13x17 baking pan. Bake for an hour at 325 then let cool in the oven. Break into pieces and there you go! Inexpensive, no rolling, no cookie cutters, no mess, one bowl. If you use a smaller pan for thicker cookies make sure you adjust the cooking time up so they cook thoroughly. When they are done they should be just slightly springy to the touch. Tips: For my guys I usually use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and whole wheat or coconut flour [for gluten free version] and add some ground flaxseed. Instead of peanut butter you can also substitute a small can of solid pumpkin and a couple of ripe bananas and reduce the milk by 1/4 c. You can use the quick oatmeal but the texture is better with regular oatmeal. If you don’t have apple sauce you can double the eggs. I used whole milk in this batch but have used 2% with no appreciable difference. These should be refrigerated and will stay fresh for a week or two. They also freeze really well. Enjoy!

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