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eBay - PayPal Giving Fund SELLERS: There are lots of ways to support rescue just doing things you would do anyway. Anyone who uses eBay can elect to have part of their auction sale benefit TampaPets - No More Homeless Pets in Hillsborough County. All fees are waived for whatever percentage you choose to give and you'll be surprised how your generosity boosts your auction interest.

BUYERS: Want to help? Donate to our online eBay thrift store. While pet related donations are offered free to rescue groups first, sometimes we don't have any takers. These items, along with just about anything else you don't need anymore, are now making their way to our newish eBay store. That cash is turned into a variety of things to benefit all-volunteer rescue.

If you have something to donate, you can drop it off in Simon's Pantry, located in Central Bark Doggy DayCare

Check out our cool auctions at TampaPets on eBay

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