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Adoption Fees

The following paragraph was shared by a frustrated rescue group leader and it's a very common occurrence. She is absolutely on point. These people open their homes and spend every extra dime they have to save lives and find the perfect home for each animal in their care. We would also add that adopters are receiving the benefit of a welcoming a well adjusted, well known, pet into their homes, not a scared lonely dog or cat that has been caged in a shelter. You will get to see their true personality right away and be absolutely sure the pet will be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Sharing an experience from this weekend. Our Rescue has 15, FULLY VETTED, UTD ON EVERYTHING, SPAYED/NEUTERED AND SOME WITH EXTENSIVE MEDICAL CARE(ie:SURGERY) adoptables. Our Adoptions Donations are $250-$450. We had the question asked again, "Why are our fees SO HIGH?" Well if you care for your animals properly, Our fees are the cost of ONE (BASIC) VET VISIT to get shots and maybe spay/neuter!! We are NOT FUNDED, NOT PAID AND DO NOT EVEN HAVE TIME FOR A VACATION. Take our boy, Atticus. His Adoption Donation is $250. His medical bills have hit $5,000. (FIVE THOUSAND) HIS LIFE is worth EVERY DOLLAR. We raised about $1200 toward his bills. Now, we can not afford to pay for these kind of medical expenses without the donations from other adoptables. So if you think our Adoption Donations are too much, you are probably NOT caring for your pets properly and the way they deserve.

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