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Unsafe Dog Chews!

The FDA released a report this month that warns against giving dogs what it refers to as "bone treats." These treats are different from the uncooked butcher bones that come from meats or meat products approved for human consumption, the FDA says. Rather, the treats are full or partial pieces of animal bone that are processed and packaged for sale in groceries, pet stores and online retailers. Multiple companies produce these products marketed with names like Meaty Beef Knuckle Treat, Beef Femur, Ham Bone.

As far as rawhide chew treats are concerned, check out this illuminating video how rawhide treats are made and then decide - oh, and the ones made in other countries can be even worse. This FDA announcement in June 2017 caused a huge voluntary recall because they were found to be using a quaternary ammonium compound mixture as a processing aid in the manufacturing of rawhide chews.

The FDA says it received reports of illness in some 90 dogs who chewed the treats from November 2010 to September 2017. Claimed ill effects included digestive tract blockages, choking, mouth cuts and sores, vomiting, diarrhea and rectal bleeding. In addition, the FDA states, "approximately 15 dogs reportedly died after eating a bone treat."

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