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Yay!! Rescue Donation in Nov


TampaPets Rescue Food Pantry will receive 10% of all sales of Craft Canine Treats during the month of November 2018.

Craft Canine Treats is a Tampa-based company dedicated to baking all-natural, homemade dog treats using the recycled grains from the beer brewing process. Sourcing from local craft breweries, they ensure high quality treats that are amazingly healthy and delicious. 4 PAWS recommended! BUY HERE

Only the Best for Your Best Friend

Co-founders, Meghan Deveau and Marc Betourney, started the company out of their passion and love for animals, craft beer, and the environment. When Meghan and Marc aren't on the search for a new craft brewery, or outdoors exploring with their furry friend, they are actively involved with several animal rescue groups in the Tampa Bay area.

Craft Canine Treats donates a portion of all proceeds to various local animal and environmental groups to help encourage and promote their missions. "Beer to biscuits - kitchen to community", Craft Canine's vision is embodied through the creation of a sustainable product that seeks to support the local animal, craft beer, and environmental community.

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