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Glycerin in Dog Treats

Every time someone makes fun of me for being picky [well, let's just call it obsessive] about what I feed my pets I tell them of the many mini-miracles I've witnessed through homemade food, and even what specifically goes into that food. I know it can seem like a lot but if you want healthy pets do not just listen to your Vet who is largely untrained in pet nutrition. Research every ingredient. If your pet suffers from allergies, yeast or bacterial infections they will never be truly well until their diet is supporting their immune system. For instance, did you know that peas, pea proteins and sweet potatoes create more yeast than other veggies and shouldn't be part of your consistently yeast infected dog's diet. So read this article about glycerin with care - how many dog treats have you purchased that are single source USDA meat with glycerin and rosemary extract as their only preservative and be prepared to get your food dehydrator out for those fresh humanely raised chicken breast treats you'll be making today.

READ Glycerin in Dog Treats

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